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Core team member


Thoth Cao


More  than a decade of product development, industrial structural design also involved in electronics, machinery, clean, smart technology industry. Specializes in interdisciplinary problem-solving, he served for Fluidra Spain , China Shaanxi Aircraft Group, Yun Heng Group, 


Simon Lee


More than eight years of experience in Guangdong machinery, electronics industries .Mainly related to industrial design, graphic design, web design. He served for Hong Kong Giga Electronics, Acer Group of Taiwan, Chuangxi group.


Tony Xu

Technical Adviser

Forty years of experience in electronics,he has been involved in FM transmitter, frequency modulator, television transmitters, transposers, power inverter applications, cordless telephones, BB machines, mobile phones and small appliances, photovoltaic-based far-infrared temperature measurement technology , lithium battery technology and other industries.


Alex Xu

Electronics Engineer

Market-based innovative strategies in product design research, specializes in market research, brand planning, trend analysis, user research; well-integrated consumer demand elements distinctive cultural features and the latest trends in the world , perfect combination of design language, as well as future market grasp.